Sunday, October 15, 2006


1 Remember to post your biogs on the blog so we can talk about them next Friday.
2 Try to do something from then exam tips handout.
3 Don't forget your meme;

Ten things that I have done that you probably haven't.

This is my list

1: Taught myself to read and write modern Greek

2: Once helped fight a forest fire.

3: Drove from Athens to Rome on a Vespa.

4: Hitch-hiked 8000 km in five weeks.

5: Lived out of a one suitcase for a year.

6: Saw inside my own heart, live.

7: Was interviewed on Italian TV.

8: Was once held by Czech soldiers in Vaclav Havel's back garden.

9: Spent my first term away from home as a university student on crutches (as I had had a motorbike accident one week before term started).

10: Took my driving test in a foreign language.


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