Monday, October 16, 2006

10 things I have done that most other people haven't

1.i wrote a fairy tail when i was at primary school.It was about a competition.
2.i was in a car with 7 other people.All of us we are friends and we travelled a distance about 8 kms.
3.i visited the island of Sadorini for one day with friends ,having nowhere to stay.
4.I was a member of the writing team in our school magazine.
5.I attended about 50 driving lessons until getting the driving licence.The limit is 10 compulsory lessons.
6.I used to practise the ballet when i was about 6-7 and i give a performance in a theatre of Thessaloniki.
7.I attended a council of the university of Harvard,which took place in Paris.
8.I watced a football match in a stadium
9.When I was at primary school, i broke my finger of my left hand, playing as a goalkeeper.
10.I was a member of the volleyball school team and once we won the first prize.



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