Monday, November 13, 2006


Should Sadam Husein be executed?

We can not characterise so simply this act without serious consideration. It is not a simple equation like x+2=3. It is more like x+z=3. There are ethical, social and religious spectrums which colour differently a desicion. According to Ethics execution seems "wrong". One of the Ten Commandnents orders: "You shall not kill". Purpose may ease th punishment but doen't relieves from crime. From another point of view an act is characterised according to it's result. If Sadam Husein will be executed there is a strong possibility of making the vast majority of people relieved. There for it is excused. Religious Virtue supports that mankind should suffer the tortures of a dictator patiently so it's faith would be tested. If we pass this test we will be rewarded later. Maybe in another life. Buddhism claims that violence recycles violence. According to this point of view execution will only expand the circle of fanaticism and blood.
Personally, I agree for what Buddhism stands. One murder more will not change anything for the better. It is easy to be carried away emotionally and convenient to "wash your hands" obeying codes and laws. But is really the right way to stop the bloodshed? And if we can, are we willing to?



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Great post, Chris.


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Anonymous benediktem said...

I think nobody deserves the death penalty. It's quite paradoxical: we kill someone because he killed someone. And I think it's not human. When a man murders a young girl, for example, the family will reclaim the death penalty for the murderer. It's a kind of vengeance, it's not justice any more. I agree with the idea that executing somenone will just continue the vicious circle of violence. I think we must not kill another person, even if the law allows it.
If we decide to execute a dictator, we are just acting like him.

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