Thursday, November 09, 2006

A typical day of my life

I find it quite difficult to wake up early in the morning, so if I don't have any lessons or other business to do my usual awakening time is around 12. My breakfast necessarily includes milk, and a slice of bread along with butter and honey - if I'm not bored to prepare it. Additionally, I may eat some fruits. Then I do the housework - since my sister and I live alone - and study for my lessons. I usually work on Saturday but I may also arrange some lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I always prefer to use buses instead of taxis in order to reach my workplace or any other place in the city, for financial reasons, but this choice means that I have to leave home earlier (I hate the "30" bus, it's always late!). I may spend some time playing the piano during the day - there are always some exercises that need to be learned for the classical music composition lesson. I may also cook for lunch and dinner or, alternatively, eat at my parents'. I try to avoid junk food, but it's not easy when I have many successive lessons during the day. Later in the evening I often arrange a drink with friends, or invite them at home to watch DVDs. Finally, I fall asleep at about 2 a.m., after having read 2-3 pages of John Irving's book "Until I Find You" - it's quite difficult...

Eleni P.


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