Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Should Sadam Husein be executed?

Undoubtedly ,the death penalty has always been a controversial issue . Its supporters say that if we execute a criminal its victims and theis relatives feel relieved . On the other hand , the opponents of death penalty claim that it seems like a revenge . Some of them maybe, also , allege that is out of our limits and only God decides the death time of a person .
As far as Sadam Husein is concerned , my personal view is that he must serve a whole-life sentence , since according to moral and according to law I ' m against death penalty . Finally , if Sadam Husein will be executed , why don' t we execute as well other politicians responsible for numerous deaths of innocent people?



Anonymous Baptiste said...

Hey! What's up, my name is Baptiste and I study in a french school in São Paulo, Brazil.
About Sadam Husein is a very complicated theme, I mean, for all the things that he have done is almost normal to execute him. The only problem is that if we execute him we are doing the same thing that h have done for years and years. So I think that the best way is too put him on a prison for the rest of his life.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 20th century has been the most violent century in the history of the world. More people have died in the hand of their own government than by the hand of external govs. The US does not stand so innocent in this issue. Research the Eugenics Project of 1910 - 2006 and count the number of civilians who have been affected by this project alone. How many of our presidents have blood on their hands.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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