Sunday, December 03, 2006

Drug users are patients

Personally, i think that we should consider people who make usse of rugs as patients. First of all, the do harm mainly to themselves. So they are not criminals. Even if they steal other people, they do it because of their compulsion. If they are cured, they will stop offencing. Secondly, they may not be completely responsible for their addiction. Perhaps, it was due to peer pressure that they started the use of drugs. So, if we consider these people as criminals, we will simply do them much more harm than good. In that way, i think that we should cosider them as patients and try to cure them. Of course we should ask them about who gave them the drugs and chase and punish him.


Blogger Kate said...

i comletely aggree with your point of view drugs to young people is really bad not only for their health but also for the whole society!!I also aggree to your opinion about punishment of those who sell drugs to innocent is really harmful and it causes death!Well...excellent post..great work!

12:15 PM  

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