Friday, December 01, 2006

No to warlord's offer

Apart from the reasons mentioned by Chris for rejecting the offer made by this criminal, we should also considrer another thing. Accepting the offer of the baron won't resolve the problem of refugees. Perhaps it will "attenuate" its gravity but only for these refugees and only for a small period if time. After the end of the war, or when the warlord will decide to, he will cut off these dispensations and the "symptoms" will appear again. The real problem will not be trully resolved. If we want to solve it, we have to search its root. Probably, we will have to ameliorate the financial state of the country and find these people a house and a job. This is the real solution to the problem and not any offer made by an odious criminal. Of course it demands many years to be accomplished and it will be difficult. Eventually, and if we also take into consideration what Chris said, it isn't worth to accept the offer.



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